Fee details

 Attestation of Certificates:
Degree certificate produced with Original Degree Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.100/-
Degree certificate produced without Original Degree Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.500/-
Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced with Original Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.100/-
Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced without Original Certificate. (Each copy) Rs.500/-
Grade Sheets produced with Original Certificate.(Per Set) Rs.300/-
Grade Sheets produced without Original Certificate.(Per Set) Rs.700/-


Duplicates / Name Change / Re-issue Certificates
Duplicate Degree Certificate Rs.2500/-
Name Change / Re-issue - Degree Certificate Rs.2000/-
Duplicate i Name Change - Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet Rs.1000/-
Duplicate / Name Change - per Grade Sheet Rs.500/-

For first copy + Rs.200/-
For each Additional Copy Rs.100/-

Postal Charses
Local (within India) Rs.100/-
International (Speed Post/ Air Mail) Rs.1,700/-