Separate hostel facilities are provided for girls and boys. Their stay in the hostel enables them to imbibe a holistic lifestyle with activities like yoga, sports and extra-curricular activities. There are eight hostels in the campus which accommodate above 3500 inmates. P.G students and final year U.G students are allotted single rooms. All hostels are equipped with solar water heater for hot water supply.

Pure vegetarian food prepared under hygienic conditions is served in the student dining halls and the canteens from a central Kitchen. Night cafeteria is attached with all hostels.

All students are expected to live in the hostel during their course. However, local students who live with their parents within a radius of 30 km from the campus will be permitted to come from their homes.

Students are not permitted to live in rented houses, lodges, either alone or in groups. Amrita attaches great importance to the nature of lifestyle in the campus. Tobacco, in any form and any other intoxicants are strictly prohibited.

Sports Facilities
  • 22,000 sq.m of sports field
  • Basketball courts: 2
  • Ball Badminton: 4
  • Cricket: 1
  • Football: 1
  • Kabaddi: 2
  • Tennis: 2
  • Volley Ball: 5
  • Athletic trackĀ 
  • Olympic standard swimming pool
  • Another sports field with 400 m track is getting ready
Gymnasium Two Nos. (one for Boys and one for Girls)
One more gym being added
Indoor Games
  • Chess
  • CarromĀ 
  • Table Tennis
  • Shuttle
Common Rooms One in each building