Emergency Response Team Members

Sl.No. Name Member Mail Id
1 Dr.R.Saravanan Member r_saravanan@cb.amrita.edu
2 Dr.K.Bagavinar Member k_bagavinar@cb.amrita.edu
3 Mr.S.Adarsh Member s_adarsh@cb.amrita.edu
4 Mr.C.Arunkumar Member c_arunkumar@cb.amrita.edu
5 Mr.P Gopakumar Member p_gopan@cb.amrita.edu
6 Mr.Vijay Narayanan Member n_vijay@cb.amrita.edu
7 Mr.P.Sivaraj Member p_sivraj@cb.amrita.edu
8 Dr.P.R.Janci Rani Member b_janci@cb.amrita.edu
9 Mr.V.V.Sajith Variyar Member vv_sajithvariyar@cb.amrita.edu
10 Ms.R.Aarthi Member r_aarthi@cb.amrita.edu
11 Mr.M.Ritiwik Member m_ritwik@cb.amrita.edu
12 Mr.K M Kalidasan Member km_kalidasan@cb.amrita.edu



  1. These instructions lay down the procedure to be followed in the campus on occurrence of untoward incidents. The responsibilities for dealing with the various categories of cases are given at Appendixbelow.A First Information report (FIR) will be rendered by the fastest available means to the persons responsible for initiating the response measures (Action Addressees). For simultaneous actions at all levels, it will be disseminated to all Information Addressees as well. One core Emergency Response Team (ERT) will operate under the direct supervision of the Dy Dean in case of major incidents like student unrest, death, accident or fire.
  2. In emergent situations there is a tendency for rumor mongering and misinformation. Requisite information will be made available to the stakeholders from the office of the Dy Dean. Any briefing of outside agencies (Press/ Police etc) on major incidents will be done only by the Dy Dean/ nominated senior faculty.
  3. Parents will be informed by the respective functionaries concerned (CFW  onhostel incidents/PSW/ Dept).
  4. Security Officer will be the de-facto Fire Officer. He shall prepare a Fire Fighting Team consisting of Cordon party; Fire Fighting Party and First Aid Party. He shall provide the necessary training andfirefighting equipment at critical points.
Incident Location  Action Addressees Information addressees Remarks
Liquor/ Banned substances Inside  campus HSAF Dean, DyDean,Dept, CCWH,PSW 1. Enquiry-cum-Disciplinary action  by HSAF 
2. Inform parents.
Liquor/ Banned substances outside campus Dy Dean Dean, HSAF, CCWH, PSW, Dept, Br Gopanji
Women Harassment All types Chairperson
Women's Complaints and Redressal Cell
1. Dean 
2. Dy Dean
Minority harassment All types Chairperson
SC/ ST Complaints and Redressal Cell
1. Dean 
2. Dy Dean
Ragging/ Affray/ Assault within/ outside campus HSAF
(Anti Ragging/ Disciplinary Committee)
CCWH/ Chairperson, Dean, DyDean,PSW 1. Enquiry-cum-Disciplinary action  by HSAF
2. Inform parents
Student Unrest Campus Dy Dean/HSAF, ERT Dean,CCWH, DGM, Security, All Depts, PSW, Clinic, Special Office Br.Gopanji 1. ERT reach the venue forthwith 
2. Protect girl students 
3. Suspend classes (on orders from Dean)
Suicide Attempt/ Death /Accident Campus Dy Dean; Clinic, CCWH,Special Officer, Br. Gopanji, ERT,DGM, Security Dean, Dept, PSW, HSAF 1. Reach the venue ASAP by ERT
2. Rush casualty to clinic
3. Br. Gopan to inform Police after obtaining clearance from Dean
4. Cordon the area for further enquiry - Responsibility of Security Officer.
Fire Campus Security Officer; DGM; ERT Dean, Dy Dean, CCWH, Clinic Fire Fighting Equipment to be kept serviceable at all times
Cyber Crimes  - Dy Dean Dean,Head ICTS, Br. Gopanji Action in consultation with Dean
  1. Composition of ERT: All CFWs are members of the ERT and 4 additional members are centrally nominated. 
  2. Responsibility: 
    1. During non working Hours:Centrally nominated ERT.
    2. During working hours: The respective Dept Response Teams assisted by the centrally nominated ERT.
  3. Procedure to be Adopted(During Non-Working Hours).
    1. First Information report (FIR): Any staff member noticing any abnormal activity by students shall inform the nearby security staff who will in turn inform the Security Officer.
    2. Quick Relay of Information: Security Officer relays the information to Deputy Dean; HSAF and ERT.
    3. Quick Assembly of ERT: All members of the ERT shall rush to the spot on receipt of intimation.
    4. The ERT will initiate necessary actions to defuse the situation.
    5. Additional staff members will be assembled if required. 
  4. Procedure to be Adopted(During Working Hours).
    1. Responsibility – Dept Chairperson.
    2. Composition of Response Team.
      • Dept Vice Chairperson – InCharge
      • Batch Coordinator
      • Respective class advisors
      • Centrally nominated ERT.
      • Security officer along with staff.
    3. Block Coordinators:
      • AB1- Vice Chairpersons ME & AE Depts
      • AB2- Vice Chairpersons ECE and EEE Depts
      • AB3- Vice Chairpersons CSE &Comn Dept
    4. Actions to be initiated:
      • First Information report (FIR): Any staff member noticing any abnormal activity by students shall inform the Block Coordinator, Respective Dept Vice Chairperson, and the Security Officer.
      • Quick Relay of Information: Security Officer relays the information to Deputy Dean; HSAF and ERT.
      • Quick Assembly of Response Team: Block Coordinator/ Dept Vice Chairperson is responsible to assess the situation and summon the staff earmarked. Additional staff members will be assembled if required.
      • The Response Team will initiate all actions to defuse the situation.
  5. Additional Instructions for ERT: 

  • ​​Assemble forthwith at the scene of the incident and respond suitably. The team must talk to the students and will mobilize other faculty to manage the situation in case of student unrest.
  • Accompany the students to hospital/police station in case of a need.
  • Acquire complete picture of the incident and equip to answer queries from parents.
  • Prepare a FIR and submit to the Action/Info Addressees of ERTChairperson/PRO/Class advisers
  • The team must volunteer any work at the spot and whole heartedly execute it.
  • One team member will take the responsibility of sharing the information to the concerned persons either through Mobile/email or SMS.
  • One team member will take the responsibility of making a report/documentation for filing.
  • The chairman/nominated faculty from the department to which the student belongs will do the follow up with the parents after the incident.

-Deputy Dean