ERP @ Campus

Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham

Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore -641 112 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                September, 2017.


  1. These instructions lay down the procedure to be followed in the campus on occurrence of untoward incidents. A First Information report(FIR) will be initiated forthwith. The various category of major incidents, functionaries responsible and actions to be initiated are outlined at Appendix below.
  2. Emergency Response Teams (ERT): A group of 9 core Emergency Response Teams (ERT) will operate under the direct supervision of the Dy Dean in case of major incidents like student unrest, death, accident or fire.

The composition of ERTs for the period September 2017 to Mar 2018 and their responsibilities are given below:-

  1. Composition: Overall Responsible :Dr S Mahadevan
  • ERT-1: Dr D Venkataraman/Dr Balasubramanian, ASB
  • ERT-5: Dr B Santhosh/Mr. Gopakumar
  • ERT-2: Dr T G SatheeshBabu/Dr P V Suneesh
  • ERT-6: Mr. Lakshmikanthan/Shri P Sivaraj
  • ERT-3: ERT-8: Dr B Rajathilagam/Ms K B Aswathy
  • ERT-7: Mr. S Adarsh/Mr. M Sreevalsan
  • ERT-4: Dr K Bagavinar/Mr. K Vijith


  1. Responsibilities
    • Assemble at the spot of the incident forthwith and take instructions from the Dean/Dy Dean. The team shall extend whole hearted cooperation in the assigned tasks.
    • One among the ERT members will take the responsibility of sharing the information to the concerned persons either through SMS/email.
    • Prepare a FIR and make it available to the chairperson/PRO/Class advisers.
    • Be prepared to accompany the students to hospital/police station, in case of a need.
    • In case of student unrest, they shall mobilize other faculty members to manage the situation.
    • Obtain complete picture of the incident and equip themselves to answer the queries from parents in consultation with Dy Dean.
  1. Monthly Duty ERT: In addition to the tasks assigned above, one ERT is being detailed on a monthly basis for the purpose of handling  untoward incidents in the campus during off duty hours ie  6 PM to 8 AM on working days and on Sundays/ holidays. They shall perform their duties under the instructions from Dy Dean. All the other ERTs can be summoned if the situation warrants it. This Duty ERT shall prepare a detailed report/ documentation of major incidents for records, and submit it in the Office of Dy Dean. The month wise detailment is given below:-

Sept 17

Oct 17

Nov 17

Dec 17

Jan 18

Feb 18

Mar 18

  1. Responsibility for  Follow up actions (Student cases): The Chairperson/nominated faculty from the Dept of the student will be responsible for all the follow up actions (with the parents/ hospital etc). Dy Dean will be kept informed.
  2. Briefing of Police/ Press: Appropriate briefing will be carried out only by Dy Dean. Parents will be informed by CFW onhostel incidents/PSW/ Dept.
  3. Fire Officer:Security Officer will be the de-facto Fire Officer. He shall prepare a Fire Fighting Team consisting of Cordon party; Fire Fighting Party and First Aid Party. He shall provide the necessary training andfirefighting equipment at critical points.

Dean Engineering


All Depts, ASB, Deputy Dean, Head Students Academics, Head Students Affairs, Head ICTS, PSW, GM(Gen Admin), Accounts, CCWH, Admin, Security

Copy To:-

Office of Pro Chancellor, Office of Vice Chancellor, Dean Engg, Office of Registrar, CIR, PGP Office, CoE, HR



Emergency Response Procedure



 Action Addressees

Information addressees


Liquor/ Drug

Inside  campus


Dean, DyDean,Dept, CCWH,PSW, CA

1. Enquiry-cum-Disciplinary action  by HSAF 2. Inform parents. 3. Dy Dean to inform CEO

Liquor/ Drug (Police case)

outside campus

Dy Dean

Dean, HSAF, CCWH, PSW, Dept, Br Gopanji,CA

Women Harassment

All types

Dr KM Mini(Women's Complaints Cell)

1. Dean 2. Dy Dean

1. Enquiry2. Dean to inform CEO

Minority harassment

All types

Dr K B Anand( Minority grievance cell)

1. Dean 2. Dy Dean

1. Enquiry2. Dean to inform CEO

Ragging/ Affray/ Assault

within/ outside campus

HSAF(Anti Ragging/ Discipline Committee)

CCWH/ Chairperson, Dean, DyDean,PSW,CA

1. Enquiry-cum-Disciplinary action  by HSAF 2. Inform parents

Student Unrest



Dean,CCWH, Head-SA, GM, Security, All Depts, PSW, Clinic, Special Office Br.Gopanji

1. ERT reach the venue forthwith 2. Dean/ Dy Dean to inform CEO 3. Protect girl students 4. Suspend classes (on orders from Dean)

Suicide Attempt/ Death /Accident


Dy Dean; Clinic, CCWH,Special Officer, Br. Gopanji, ERT,GM, Security

Dean, Dept, PSW, HSAF

1. Reach the venue ASAP by ERT  2. Rush casualty to clinic 2. Dean/ Dy Dean to inform CEO 3. Br. Gopan to inform Police after obtaining clearance from CEO/ Dean  6. Cordon the area for further enquiry - Responsibility of Security Officer.



Fire Officer(Security Officer); GM; ERT

Dean, Dy Dean, CCWH, Clinic

Fire Fighting Equipment to be kept serviceable at all times

Cyber Crimes


Dy Dean

Dean,Head ICTS, Br. Gopanji

Action in consultation with Dean