Updating your Domain Controller password

1.  Identify a PC in your department/office which is already configured to login to the campus Domain Controller.  On bootup, if the PC is showing a screen as shown below, the PC is configured on the campus Domain Controller.
Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows XP
2.  Press “CTRL+ALT+DEL” to login (on Windows 7).
3.  Click on “OK” (On Windows 7).
4.  The login screen will request for the Username and Password.  It will also show “Log on to: AMRITANET”


5.  Enter your username, which is your email ID prefix (Eg. for icts@cb,amrita.edu, the username would be icts).
4.  Enter your existing default password to login to the PC.
5.  After successful login press “CTRL+ALT+DEL”.
6.  You will get a menu with several options.
7.  Click on “Change a password”.
8.  Enter your existing default password, new password (minimum 8 characters) and the confirmation.
9.  You can logoff/shutdown the PC once you get a confirmation that your password has been updated.
Users currently accessing campus WiFi will have to use the new Domain Controller password to access WiFi services.