B. Tech. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering aims at training students in the areas of Electronics like Solid state circuits, VLSI, Electronic Controls and Communications Engineering including , Multiple access technology and Microwave Engineering.


Semester I Semester II
Communicative English I Humanities Elective I
Physics/Chemistry Chemistry/Physics
Calculus, Matrix Algebra Vector Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering
Computer Programming Object Oriented Programming
Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics
Engineering Drawing I Engineering Drawing II
Physics Lab / Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab. / Physics Lab.
Workshop A / Workshop B Workshop B / Workshop A
Computer Programming Lab Object Oriented Programming Lab.
Cultural Education Cultural Education
Semester III Semester IV
Integral Transforms and Complex Analysis Mathematical Statistics and Numerical Methods
Digital Systems Industrial Instrumentation I
Signals and Systems Electronic Circuits I
Electric Circuits Digital Signal Processing
Science Elective I Science Elective II
Humanities Elective I Humanities Elective II
Digital Systems Lab Digital Signal Processing Lab
Signals and Systems Lab Electronic Circuits Lab I
Semester V Semester VI
Electrical and Electronic Measurements I Industrial Instrumentation II
Introduction to Microcontrollers and Applications Process Control
Electronic Circuits II Electrical Machines
Control Engineering VLSI Design
Elective I Environmental Studies
Measurements and Control Systems Lab Process Control Lab
Microcontroller Lab VLSI Design Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Biomedical Instrumentation Environmental Studies
Industrial Automation Management Elective
Power Electronics Project
Elective II  
Elective III  
Principles of Management  
Industrial Automation Lab