B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a four year professional undergraduate program offered by Amrita School of Engineering. Electronic and communication engineering is concerned with applying knowledge in electronics to facilitate communication and solve engineering problems. The curriculum is organized such that it enables students to get a strong foundation on various aspects of electronics and communication engineering such as digital systems design, electromagnetic theory, digital signal processing, microprocessors and microcontrollers, electronic circuits, VLSI design, digital communication, analog communication, control engineering, and microwave engineering. While building a solid foundation of the fundamentals, the students are also exposed to emerging trends in the industry and are molded to be quality professionals of the future. The students are also provided an opportunity to choose specialization electives to focus on their identified areas of interest such as embedded systems, wireless communication, satellite communication, biomedical signal processing, VLSI fabrication technology, speech processing, and optical communication.

Classes are also delivered by experts from various partner universities around the world through the e-learning network as well as in the form of workshops and seminars. The students are encouraged to undertake real-time projects and actively participate in worldwide technical conferences and workshops and present their work in many of them. 

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering aims at training students in the areas of Electronics like Solid state circuits, VLSI, Electronic Controls and Communications Engineering including , Multiple access technology and Microwave Engineering.

A team of experienced faculty in Analog and Digital Communications are conducting research in various aspects of Communications.


Semester I Semester II
Communicative English I Humanities Elective I
Physics/Chemistry Chemistry/Physics
Calculus, Matrix Algebra Vector Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering
Computer Programming Object Oriented Programming
Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics Engineering Mechanics / Introduction to Thermodynamics
Engineering Drawing I Engineering Drawing II
Physics Lab / Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab. / Physics Lab.
Workshop A / Workshop B Workshop B / Workshop A
Computer Programming Lab Object Oriented Programming Lab.
Cultural Education Cultural Education
Semester III Semester IV
Integral Transforms and Complex Analysis Mathematical Statistics and Numerical Methods
Digital Systems Electronic Circuits I
Signals and Systems Digital Signal Processing
Electric Circuits Electromagnetics and Wave Propagation
Science Elective I Science Elective II
Humanities Elective I Humanities Elective II
Digital Systems Lab Digital Signal Processing Lab
Signals and Systems Lab Electronic Circuits Lab I
Semester V Semester VI
Introduction to Microcontrollers and Applications VLSI Design
Electronic Circuits II Digital Communication
Microprocessors Transmission Lines and Radiating Systems
Analog Communication Elective I
Control Engineering Environmental Studies
Microcontroller Lab VLSI Design Lab
Electronic Circuits Lab II Digital Communication Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Radio Frequency Engineering Elective IV
Information Theory and Coding Techniques Management Elective
Wireless Communication Project
Elective II  
Elective III  
Principles of Management  
Microwave and Antenna Lab