COVID-19 Update for students visiting the campus for completing academic requirements Jan-May 2021

Students and Parents are requested to go through all the details mentioned below carefully. View your alloted date of entry to the campus from the consolidated list provided through the link below. Use Ctrl-F and search for your Roll number in the list. You need to register you confirmation in the link provided below.

Instructions to Parents and Students

  1. The university has decided to give an option to the Final year UG/PG students to use the Physical Facilities to complete the requirements of completing pending Laboratory courses /Major Project which require the use of Laboratory inside the campus.
  2. This facility is purely optional and subject to student and parent signing an undertaking which is given below.
  3. University will take utmost care in the wellbeing of its student and staff and hence has to follow stringent Covid protocol while opening its Physical infrastructure to students.
  4. For the safety of all concerned, any student who wants to stay in the Hostel for using the Laboratory facilities has to report to the campus with a Covid negative Test(RPCR) certificate- test being conducted within 48 hours of arrival- and undergo necessary Quarantine before they resume their work in the Laboratory.
  5. All theory classes will be held in the online mode and this visit is only for Laboratory work which needs Physical facilities.
  6. All students staying the Hostel are expected to follow the SOP and Covid Protocol strictly and failing to comply with any of the norms will attract strict disciplinary action followed with immediate expulsion from the Hostel.
  7. Prescribed Hostel rent/Mess fees need to paid before the last date mentioned.
  8. Will start the journey only in the prescribed date as per the communication received from the university.
  9. Lab sessions for the Day scholars are scheduled separately to avoid mixing up with Hostellers and this will be communicated to them separately.
  10. Day Scholars should only use private vehicles/University vehicle for commuting.
  11. Hostellers are also encouraged to avoid public transport while coming to the campus.
  12. We regret to inform that accommodation for the parents visiting the campus to drop/pick your son/daughter is not possible due to Covid Protocol.
  13. Once a student enters the campus -visit to city, local guardian, home is not permitted during my stay in the campus.
  14. Students suffering from ailments like High blood pressure, breathing issues, Diabetics, heart disease are advised not to use this option.
  15. Students need to stock enough medicines needed for their period of stay in the campus.
  16. All students need to complete the online confirmation form and also submit the necessary Forms and Declarations while reporting to the campus.

Standard Operating Procedure for students returning to the campus.

  1. The students should start their journey only after receiving confirmation mail from CCWH office. Accompanying persons are not allowed inside the campus.
  2. Will report to the security gate with duly filled undertaking from parent, PCR Test + Covid 19-Negative certificate, risk assessment and declaration form. Students are encouraged to bring glass, plates for their use in the Hostel.
  3. ID card is mandatory. Make sure that you bring your room key.
  4. The student will be screened using a non-contact thermometer/thermal scanner. If his/her body temperature is above 98.6°F, he/she will be denied entry into the campus.
  5. The student should clean his hands using the sanitizer, wash his hands using soap oil in the main gate.
  6. The Students with any symptoms of cold, cough, fever will be denied entry into the campus.
  7. The students should wear mask at all times.
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. The security staff should ensure that the student has installed Aarogya setu app and is in the low risk status.
  10. The student should ensure social distancing throughout his / her movement in the campus.
  11. If anyone found with symptoms, they should arrange themselves for quarantine.
  12. If referred to the hospital, expenses should be adhered by the student.
  13. Students who develop symptom complex of COVID 19 after arrival should report to medical aid center.
  14. The student should meet the Resident Warden of the concerned hostel and register their names in the register. If necessary, based on the situation, he/she may be quarantined in a room designated for the same.
  15. Avoid overcrowding in the hostel, mess hall and other places in the campus.
  16. Avoid contact with hand rails, walls, handshakes etc.,
  17. Avoid unnecessary movement inside the campus. Movement may be restricted only to the particular floor and room in which you are residing.
  18. Exit from campus under any circumstances is not permitted till further orders.
  19. The students may have to follow Quarantine based on the place from where he is arriving for a stipulated period as decided by the concerned authorities.

The following items has to be brought during arrival to the campus

  • Light bedding with bedsheet and blanket
  • Plate and tumbler
  • Lock and key
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Essential medicines, if needed.
  • Masks
  • Umbrella

Payment of Fees:

All students returning to the campus has to complete the Tuition Fee/ Mess Fee/ Hostel Rent payments before reporting to the campus. You may login to CMS at to ascertain the fee to be paid and to complete the payment online.

Contact numbers for queries:

  • For all queries related to your Project/ academics, you can contact your Project guide
  • For questions regarding fee payment, refund details, contact Shri T K Loganathan, Students welfare @ or 0422 -2685051 between 10 am to 4.30 PM
  • For Questions on Quarantine arrangements, Covid test, Medical facility, Hostel rules, Room facilities etc Contact Shri P Sandeep , Office of CCWH @ or 0422-2685510/11.