Students who have to obtain pre-filled applications in prescribed formats can follow the following procedure :

  1. Fill up the your prescribed form/certificate.
  2. Ensure that you have filled-in all details as per the information submitted to the University.  If there is any mis-match in the details, the Certificate shall not be approved.
  3. Complete all signatures
  4. Scan the prescribed form/certificate properly.
  5. Send the scanned form/certificate as an email attachment to with appropriate covering letter and specific requirements if any.  It is recommended that you send the email from your University Email ID.
  6. The certificate shall be verified by the Administrative Department, certified and send back to the student on their University Email ID.

If you have any questions regarding the certificate application or delay in getting the certificates, you may please mail to or call +91 422 - 268 5509 / 5507 during the Office Hours