October 15, 6:00 pm

Amma's Shrine in AB-1
6:00 PM to 8.15PM

Navarathri Festival 2023, 15th OCT to 24th OCT.
The Navarathri festival honours and celebrates Goddess Durga for defeating the demon Mahishasura. lt is celebrated for 9 full days in almost every part of lndia. The festival chiefly celebrates the victory of good over evil wherein Devi Durga defeats and overpowers the buffalo demon in the form of Mahishasura. The festival is associated with the prominent battle that took place between Durga and demon Mahishasura and celebrates the victory of Good over Evil. These nine days are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars'. Each day is associated with an incarnation of the goddess. Navarathri will be celebrated with Golu, Bhajans, and Pujas in Campus. All students, Faculty , Staff & Campus residents are Welcome.

Bomma Kolu,Daily Bagavathy Seva Pooja Cultural Events, Bhajans, Arathi & Prasadam.
Venue: Amma's Shrine in AcademicBlock-1,
Time: Daily 6:00 PM to 8.15PM

Date Program
15-10-2023 Cultural Program by NADAM
16-10-2023 Cultural Program by students of School of Agriculture
17-10-2023 Cultural Program by Natya
18-10-2023 Gujarathi Garbha  Dance
19-10-2023 Cultutural Program by RAGA
20-10-2023 Baduga  Dance
21-10-2023 Bhajans
22-10-2023 Maha Ashtami, Durga Pooja, Bhajans
23-10-2023 Mahanavami, Lakshmi Pooja, Bhajans
24-10-2023 6.30 AM,Vijayadhasami Sarswathy Pooja,Bhajans & Arathi
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