November 3, 4:30 pm

AB1 Car Parking

Greetings from Arya Club!

 We are delighted to invite you to participate in our forthcoming Arya’s Curtain Raiser event, which will feature a Flash Mob.Join us on a dynamic evening filled with entertainment, music and dance at the Arya Club Curtain Raiser along with the introductory speech about the club’s agenda and activities.It is going to be an enjoyable experience. So, gather your friends, and come celebrate the unity in our unique blend of talents and cultures.

 To join us in celebrating the opening event, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm and immerse yourself in the experience.


Time Agenda
4.30 pm -4.45 pm Buffer Time
4.45 pm -4.55 pm Introductory speech on the club
4.55 pm - 5.20 pm Flash mob performance
5.20 pm - 5.40 pm Curtain Raiser for the Induction
Photos / Flyers (Click Image to Expand)

Flyer - Arya club

Event contact information

Faculty Coordinator :

Name : M Pramod Kumar Sir,
Assistant Professor, Amrita Darshanam
Contact : 9894335661

Club President :

Name : D Harsha Vardhan
Roll Number : CB.EN.U4ECE21207
Contact : 6303608957

Club : secretary

Name : N Varun Sai
Roll Number : CB.EN.U4ECE21235
Contact : 9182184378