November 22, 4:30 pm


4.30 PM- 6.30 PM

Greetings from Arya Club! 

 We are pleased to invite you to the Arya Club Induction Program and implore you to join us a beautiful evening of colourful and vibrant events and explore the club and all the opportunities it offers.

In the radiant dawn of our cultural celebration, we gather to illuminate the path ahead, guided by the age-old wisdom encapsulated in the proverb, 'As you sow, so shall you reap.' The ceremony commences with the lighting of the lamp, a symbolic gesture resonating with the unity of our purpose and the enlightenment of our collective journey and is accompanied by a soulful rendition of "Lokha Samastha" symbolizing our fervent desire for the welfare of humanity. Harmonizing our spirits, a prayer song performed by three students intertwines melody with reverence, setting the stage for an enchanting classical dance that breathes life into the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage. As we traverse time, we proudly introduce our esteemed Arya club a testament to our dedication and shared aspirations. The resonant voice of Mr. Pramod, Assistant Professor at International Spaces for AmritaDarshanam echoes through the venue, delivering a keynote that heralds the day's festivities and sets the tone for the evening.

The air pulsates with cultural vibrancy as alumni’s take the stage, sharing nostalgic reflections and highlighting the profound impact of our shared alma mater. Distinguished guests, the pillars of our community, are honoured with grace, paving the way for their insightful words to echo in our hearts. The mridangam beats, like the rhythm of life, punctuate our celebration, infusing the atmosphere with traditional melodies. An engaging quiz sparks intellectual curiosity, culminating in a prize distribution that acknowledges excellence. The spotlight then shifts to the core team, the architects of our cultural extravaganza, who share their journey and insights.

The horizon of our celebration broadens as we discuss future events, echoing the sentiment, 'The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.' We conclude our day of cultural richness with a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all who contributed to this symphony of traditions, unity, and wisdom.


Time Agenda
4.30 pm -4.45 pm Invocation
4.45 pm -4.50 pm Lighting of the lamp
4.50 pm - 5.00 pm Prayer Song
5.00 pm - 5.10 pm Classical Dance
5.10 pm -5.15 pm Arya Club Introduction
5.15 pm -5.20 pm Speech by Club Faculty Coordinator Sri M Pramodkumar, Amrita Darshanam
5.20 pm - 5.35 pm Culturals(Dance,Mime)
5.35 pm - 5.40 pm Alumni Speech
5.40 pm -5.50 pm Guest Sanamanam and guest speech
5.50 pm - 5.55 pm Mridangam Performance
5.55 pm - 6.05 pm Q/A Session /Cultural Quiz
6.05 pm - 6.10 pm Prize Distribution
6.10 pm -6.15 pm Core Team Introduction
6.15 pm -6.20 pm Core Team Speech
6.20 pm -6.25 pm Future Event Discussion
6.25 pm - 6.30 pm Vote of thanks
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Flyer - Arya club

Event contact information

D Harsha Vardhan: 6303608957

G Bhavana: 7674953317