June 5, 9:00 am

Hackathon Theme: Save Water, Soil and Earth using Technology

Attractive Prizes worth 1.5 lakhs for the Best implementable prototype.

Three phases:

First Phase Submission of Concept Note Deadline: 15th July 2022
Second Phase Prototype submission Deadline: 30th August 2022
Third Phase Final submission Deadline 20th September 2022


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Problem statements:

Waste Management/Water conservation

  1. Dash board to sense the electricity consumption in all Hostels 
  2. Dash board to know the water consumption of all Hostels 
  3. Dash board to sense the water storage in the campus 
  4. Dash board to sense the waste collection in various dustbins in the campus 
  5. Motion sensing circuit for street lights 
  6. Sensor deployment for animal movements in the fencing of the campus 
  7. Technology to purify rain water harvested in the campus 
  8. Technology to purify the Sewage water collected in the campus. 

Green Campus-Smart Campus

  1. Mobile app to compute carbon foot print of a campus resident 
  2. Mobile- low cost technology for soil testing 
  3. Technology to optimize the irrigation of vegetation in the campus 
  4. Digitization of the data base of trees in the campus 
  5. Digital repository of plants, birds, butterflies in the campus 
  6. Digital field guide to identify birds and butterflies in the campus
  7. Digital field guide to identify trees in the campus
  8. Calculator for nutritive value of food served in campus, mess, canteen, or their home
  9. Calculator to calculate carbon footprint of individual student or department
  10. Developing  technologies to make innovative bio-pesticides and bio fertilizers using kitchen waste and plant waste
  11. Digital app for Bird identification using their calls (recording sounds)
  12. Developing plans to convert existing buildings in the campus in to green buildings

Indian Knowledge System

  1. Website on tradition medicines and herbs
  2. Monitoring of paper usage in each department
  3. Website on unsung leaders in Environmental movements in India
  4. Website on nutritional and traditional food in India
  5. Website on impacts of pesticides and food grown by Chemical agriculture on health and environment
  6. Developing technologies to produce ecofriendly, chemical free toiletry kits including soap, shampoo, tooth powder, hair colour, lip balm, hair conditioner and other products using neem, shikakai, soap nut, heena, hibiscus, turmeric, green gram, coconut oil etc etc. and marketing plan

Rules & Regulations:

Idea/concept submission should not exceed 5 power point slides and can include the following sections with illustrations and pictures 

  1. Idea/concept details of the solution for the problem statement 
  2. Basic architecture and/or process flow chart of the  solution
  3. Technology stack (technology proposed to be used in terms of hardware, components, equipment, machinery, software, sensors etc)
  4. Use-cases & examples of deployment of solution 
  5. Dependencies & Constraints, if any
  6. Unique Selling Point (USP) of solution
  7. YouTube link of working prototype, if available 


Event contact information

Smt V Sivakami,
Office of Professor of Student’s Welfare,
Ground Floor,
Academic Block 1

E mail:  v_sivakami@cb.amrita.edu