December 16, 4:00 pm

CAD Lab, Ground Floor AB - 1

The 3-day(16th – 18th December 2022) ROS workshop would provide an in-depth understanding of the ROS framework and its various tools and libraries. Participants would learn about the ROS ecosystem and how to use ROS to program and control robots. They would also gain hands-on experience with integrating different ROS packages and tools to build robotic systems. The workshop would be a valuable learning opportunity for anyone interested in robotics and ROS.

Robot Operating System Day-1,Day-2,Day-3 Workshop Schedule  

To do installations for workshop: Please follow the instructions ClickHere for the installations before coming for the workshop

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Event Coordinators:
Name:Dr. Rammohan S
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Name:Dr. Anirban Nag
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Name: Amudhan AN
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