Processing Charges on services related to COE’s Office

Duplicate / Name Change / Re-issue Certificates     

  • Duplicate Degree Certificate Rs.2500+18% GST (Rs.2950/-)
  • Name Change / Re-issue - Degree Certificate Rs.2000+18% GST (Rs.2360/-)

Genuineness Verification of Certificates for companies/organizations - charges inclusive of GST: 

  • Degree Certificate or Provisional Certificate of current batch for whom degree certificate has not been awarded   -Rs.590/- 
  • Degree Certificate + Consolidated Grade sheet or Transcript   -  Rs.1180/-
  • One set of Grade sheets of the program  -  Rs.1416/-

For sending certificates to  Foreign Universities or  to service providers like WES/TRUECOPY/IQAS/ICES/CES/PEBC/SAQA, Etc. from COE’s Office directely .

  • Payment of Rs.3600/-(each University) for online mode or Rs.5900/-(each University) for offline mode.(charges inclusive of GST)

Issuance of attested certificates from The Controller of Examinations to the candidates on request.

  • Degree Certificate produced with Original Degree Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.100+18% GST (Rs.118/-)
  • Degree Certificate produced without Original Degree Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.500+18% GST (Rs.590/-)
  • Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced with Original Certificate. (Each Copy) Rs.100+18% GST (Rs.118/-)
  • Transcript or Consolidated Grade Sheet produced without Original Certificate. (Each copy) Rs.500+18% GST (Rs.590/-)
  • Grade Sheets produced with Original Certificate.(Per Set) Rs.300+18% GST (Rs.354/-)
  • Grade Sheets produced without Original Certificate.( Per Set) Rs.700+18% GST (Rs.826/-)
  • ** Postal charges on attestation local (within India) Rs.200+18 % GST (Rs. 236/-)

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