March 14, 5:30 pm

Online Platform: Microsoft Teams

Student Energy Amrita is hosting a collaborative event named Go Eco on the 14th of March, 2022, on Microsoft Teams from 5:30PM- 6:30PM with Iku.Earth, a social platform built with sustainability at its core.

How to participate in the challenge?

It’s a 2 day game that starts on 14th March, 2022. 25 challenges will be shared with the students during the introductory webinar. Instructions will also be provided before the game begins. The challenges are related to waste management, saving water, environmental education and gardening.

Players can take up challenges on a daily basis. Once they finish a challenge, they have to share the picture of completing the challenge as a proof. Every player should have completed at least 7 different challenges by the end of 2 days. Three players who do the most number of challenges are the winners.

How to participate in the challenge?

  1. The game is played on Iku and on social platforms.
  2. Players post pictures of challenge completion on Iku and describe what they have learnt.
  3. Players who complete at least 7 challenges will be eligible for winning prizes.
  4. 3 Winners will be announced the week after the event.

Details: On iku:

  1. Join the Student Energy - Amrita Chapter community on Iku with your friends and neighbours.
  2. Post pictures along with a description as and when you complete challenges. The description should have the title of the challenge and your learnings.
  3. Any questions/doubts can be communicated on the chat. Your community is here to help.
  4. All the challenge pictures will be displayed on the profile section of players.
  5. Each challenge can be repeated everyday.


  1. Posts containing fake pictures will not be considered.
  2. Players posting irrelevant information more than thrice will be disqualified from the game.
  3. No foul language to be used.
  4. Do not restrict yourself to only these 25 challenges. Explore and post any sustainable activities that you do in these 2 days. Team Iku decides if the activity can be considered for the game.

Click here for
Go Eco Challenges

Photos / Flyers (Click Image to Expand)

Flyer - Go Eco by Student Energy Amrita

Event contact information

Student Coordinators

  • Mahimanjali Lolla (CB.EN.U4CSE19128)
  • Sumithra Sudhakar (CB.EN.U4CSE19247)
  • Vaidehi Sridhar (CB.EN.U4CSE20668)

Faculty Coordinators

  • Dr. Nikhil Raj P.P
  • Dr. A.S Ramkumar

Details of the event:
14th March, 2022
Microsoft Teams
5:30 PM