For students from Kerala:

  • Fully vaccinated, Ten days Quarantine and 11 th Day RTPCR
  • One Vaccine: RTPCR Negative while entry - 10 days’ quarantine- 11th day RTPCR

Other states:

  • Fully vaccinated: No RTPCR and No Quarantine
  • One Vaccine: RTPCR Negative- and No Quarantine

International Students:

  • Fully vaccinated/Partially vaccinated:
  • 10 days Quarantine- 11th Day RTPCR.
  • This will be reviewed in the first week of December 2021.

Day Scholar: Day scholars from Coimbatore can use Uty Vehicle or Private Vehicle for commuting from 15-11-2021. Those who have taken only one vaccine need to produce an RTPCR Negative Test[taken 72 hours before ] on the first Day of their entry. Students who have not taken vaccine are not permitted.

Residents /Relatives of Residents of the Campus for moving in: Either completed Two Vaccine or Produce RTPCR negative certificate while entry.

All sports activities and Indoor Games including Gymnasium permitted from 19th November 2021.