For all students/PhD scholars residing in Hostels:

  1. Any new student( including PhD scholars) entering the campus from 28.12.2021 from any state need to produce a Negative RTPCR test result taken 72 hours prior to the campus entry( This communication will reach all concerned by 27.12.2021)
  2. Any student visiting their hometown for emergency purpose will be permitted. However, if the stay is beyond 72 hours, while returning they need to produce negative RTPCR test result.
  3. Any campus resident( including students, PhD scholars, resident of Quarters with international travel need to produce negative RTPCT test result and need to undergo Home or institutional Quarantine for 7 days)
  4. Any relative of the family visiting the Quarters need not produce RTPCR negative certificate, if they are fully vaccinated
  5. Any campus resident moving out to their native place and returning need not produce negative RTPCT certificate if they are fully vaccinated.
  6. Temperature check will be done in the Hostel by wardens and any case of Covid symptoms will be referred to fever clinic
  7. If symptoms persist, they will be isolated and an RTPCR test will be taken.
  8. There is no change in the Protocol for Day Scholars visiting the campus.

Note: Sno 4 and 5 is based on the fact that the person will be staying in the Quarters and will not interact with a large population