Entry/Exit SoP for different Categories (Click on the category to view the SoP):

  1. Category 1: Standard Operating Procedure for Students (Hostellers)
  2. Category 2: Standard Operating Procedure for Students/Staff (Day scholars)
  3. Category 3: Standard Operating Procedure for Campus residents
  4. Category 4: Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for functioning of Mess Halls / Canteens/ other eateries/ Stores
  5. Category 5: Covid Care Centre & Preventive Measures

Category 1: Standard Operating Procedure for Students (Hostellers)

  • All Hostellers entering Coimbatore campus need to get prior written permission from the Chairman- Council of Wardens.
  • It is preferable that all students take two vaccines before coming to the campus. Students with one vaccine will have to take RTPCR and produce Negative RTPCR test certificate along with Undertaking from Parents for entry. Students with two vaccines may not take an RTPCR test but will come with Covid Second Vaccine certificate for entry.
  • All students will undergo a 5 days of Quarantine in the designated Hostel (Gouthama Bhavanam for Boys and Mythreyi Bhavanam for Girls).
  • All students will undergo a second RTPCR Test on the 6th day at the campus.
  • Those who are found negative will be shifted to designated Hostel and can start attending laboratory sessions. If any student, who test positive will be isolated and moved to the Covid Care Centre in the campus till such time their Parents arrive. The tested positive student will be shifted to Govt / Pvt hospital as per the choice of the Parent.
  • Movement of Hostellers are restricted and are not allowed to move out of the campus due to covid conditions. Moving out is only permitted for emergency reasons with prior permission from Chairman, Council of Wardens.
  • All Hostellers need to follow Covid Protocol in letter and spirit. Thermal check will be carried out at Main Security Gate for all.

Category 2: Standard Operating Procedure for Students/Staff (Day scholars)

  • Day Scholars The Day Scholar Students attending classes are also required to stay in the Hostel and follow the SOP designed for Hostellers. Commuting is not permitted.
  • PhD Scholars / Faculty / Staff. PhD scholars / Faculty / Staff from Coimbatore are allowed to commute on a daily basis due to improved condition in Coimbatore areas. However, they need to use only private vehicles/University Vehicle for commuting. They need to bring their own food as the canteen here will only serve packet food.
  • If any PhD Scholars / Faculty / Staff or their family members develop Covid symptoms, they should inform HOD/CCWH immediately and not travel to the campus.
  • PhD Scholars / Faculty / Staff coming from Palakkad/ Kerala The PhD Scholars / Faculty / Staff coming from Palakkad/other districts of Kerala are not allowed in the campus temporarily, due to escalating covid situation in most of these districts. Even commuters travelling in own vehicle/pooling vehicles will also not be permitted due to vulnerability for the campus.
  • Covid Protocol All covid protocol be adhered in letter and spirit at home as well as outside/campus. Thermal check will be carried out at Main Security Gate for all.

Category 3: Standard Operating Procedure for Campus residents

  • Movement to Kerala &Maharastra All campus residents are advised not to go to any district of Kerala/ Maharastra unless there is an emergency. If any resident moves out to Kerala/Maharastra for emergency purpose, while return they need to produce RTPCR Negative certificate (even in the case of people who are fully vaccinated). They will be required to undergo a FIVE days Home Quarantine for those allotted with Married accommodation. Those who are not allotted Married accommodation will undergo an Institutional quarantine as decided by Campus administration.
  • Same SOP is applicable for campus residents who have been out of campus for long and are returning from Kerala/Maharastra.
  • Movement inside Tamilnadu including local Coimbatore Residents are permitted to go to Coimbatore/limits of Tamilnadu with single/double vaccines as of now. It is highly desirable for all to take the second vaccine at the earliest.
  • Residents moving to states other than Kerala/Maharashtra Residents moving to other states (other than Kerala & Maharashtra) but have taken only one vaccine will be required to produce an RTPCR Negative certificate at the Main gate for entry and undergo a FIVE days Home/ Institutional quarantine. But those who have taken two doses will not be required an RTPCR test report

Category 4: Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for functioning of Mess Halls / Canteens/ other eateries/ Stores

  • Social distancing be maintained in all Mess Halls, Canteens, other eateries and Stores inside campus. Timings of the Mess Halls will be reworked so that proper social distancing is followed. Hygiene and proper air circulation be ensured in the mess Halls.
  • Sanitizers be kept in the Mess Halls.
  • All staff handling food in the mess halls be fully vaccinated and they should wear masks and visors.
  • Dining is not allowed in any of the Canteens - Only packed food will be served at designated canteens.

Category 5: Covid Care Centre & Preventive Measures

  • A Fever clinic will be set up in the Night Canteen near Agasthya Bhavanam. Campus residents including Hostellers and Daily commuters having any covid symptoms with fever are to immediately report to this Fever clinic. Anyone having other ailments / Regular Clinic visitors are to report to Amrita Clinic for health care.
  • A Quarantine centre will be set up in the Vasishta Bhavanam. All cases referred from Fever Clinic will stay at the Quarantine Centre. All primary and secondary contacts of Covid Positive patients will also be quarantined at this Centre.
  • A Covid Care Centre (Isolation centre) will be set up in the Agathya Bhavanam Annexe. All Covid Positive case patients will be admitted here and given immediate care until they are shifted to hospital outside.
  • All are to download “Arogya Sethu” app and upload their vaccination status in the app.
  • Preventive Measures will be adopted such as Wearing of Mask, Maintaining Social distancing, Random RTPCR testing among students in the Hostels and Campus residents, Not allowing workers and other non-essential staff entry into the academic premises, Workers living in communities are to be separated into clusters with distancing. Random temperature check of clusters of Workers, Strict action against those found spitting in the campus etc.

All are requested to comply with the above SOP for preventing Covid in the Coimbatore Campus.