Resources - School of Communication


The School has a wide-screen, acoustically treated facility complete with digital surround sound to wield screenings and seminars. It enables the students to handle live and recorded news situations.

The program control gallery is equipped with state-of-the-art special effects vision mixer, sound booth for voice recording, audio console, high-end digital video recorder for live audio-video inserts and online monitoring facilities.

The floor area also has an installed news presentation and interviewing facility with four Sony cameras on dolly mounts to ensure a variety of camera positions. Advanced microphones with optional directionality have also been installed.

The studio is expected to give students confidence to enter the industry in the area of multi-camera production. The university is already equipped with a fully live and interactive studio for e-learning across the campuses of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and in remote project areas.

A high speed computer lab is fully enabled for Web Design, Animation and Video Editing. Classrooms are spacious with adequate sound and projection facilities.


Amrita's Digital Library is appropriately known as Vidya. It is a multimedia-rich 1.5 Tera Byte of information including audio and text, video lectures, journals, news shows and documentaries from around the world.

All these are available to Amrita students on the campus network through streaming and on-demand mode. Vidya began as a modest Digital Information Repository, but today includes learning materials from some of the best universities and research centres around the globe.

Amrita students incorporate this archived material into their learning schedules; this contributes immensely to the in-depth understanding of subjects taught.


The Campus has facilities for outdoor and indoor games such as Shuttle, Badminton, Ball Badminton,Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Weight Lifting, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennikoit. Students have the opportunity to participate in various inter-campus and intra-campus tournaments. An annual sports and athletic meet is also conducted every year.

Every hostel has a separate sports room. There are state-of-the art synthetic and cement tennis courts. A multi-gym with eight stations and exercise equipment is available.

There is a swimming pool of international standards (size 50 x 25 meters) that is highly popular with students.


College buses pick up and drop day-scholars from specified locations in Coimbatore city and enroute.There is an extension counter of Dhanalakshmi Bank on campus. Students can avail personal banking facilities at this extension counter. The bank also provides a 24-hour ATM facility.

The General Store on campus caters to stationery, toiletries, provisions and other needs of students and staff. The store also stocks our Math products such as books and publications, audio and video cassettes, herbal and ayurvedic products, etc.

The amenities complex houses a tailoring shop and a men's hair cutting saloon, as well.


Separate hostel facilities are provided for girls and boys. Students are provided with adequate amenities so as to make them feel at home.

The stay in the hostel enables students to imbibe a different life-style and provides an opportunity to become involved in activities such as yoga, meditation, sports and music, as per their individual preferences.


A dispensary with two, 24-hour on-call doctors and a few beds is available. Besides attending to the medical needs of the students, staff and others on the campus, the dispensary also conducts an annual routine medical checkup of all students.

Doctors are assisted in this task by specialist doctors from the city. The dispensary provides free medical care to the poor and needy of the Ettimadai village.