Research at Department of Aerospace


  • Development of Lighter than the Air System
    PI: T. V. K. Sushilkumar
    Duration of the Project: 2 years

  • Development of Quadrotor
    PI: Dr. J. Chandrasekhar and T. V. K. Sushilkumar
    Duration of the Project: 3 years

  • Open Lab
    PI: T. V. K. Sushilkumar
    Duration of the Project: 1 year

  • Development of Supersonic Nozzle
    PI: Dr. K. Satheesh
    Duration of the Project: 3 years


  • Control Systems, Avionics, Flight control, UAV
  • Composite Systems
  • Adhesion and Adhesives
  • Plasma Processing of Materials
  • Different Surface Modification Methods of Materials
  • Modification of Composites under High Energy Radiation
  • Durability of Adhesive Bonding under Aviation and Space Environments
  • Materials for Space Radiation Shielding (long term mission at LEO and GEO)
  • Durability of Polymeric Nano Composites under Aviation and Space Environments
  • Spray injections and Aerodynamics
  • Stress Analysis and Composite Mechanics
  • High Speed Flows, Combustion, Flow Structure
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind turbines, Bird Flight, High Performance Computing
  • Helicopter Rotor Dynamics, RUAV Dynamics, Wind Turbine Blade Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, Structural Dynamics
  • Aircraft Design


  • “Investigation on carbon nano fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone/polyether imides as polymer composite container for long time nuclear waste disposal”
  • “Investigation on effect of space radiations on space durable polymeric nano composite for future generation space missions”.
  • “Analysis and Evaluation of Multilayer Shear Damped Visco-Elastic Treatments for Launch Vehicle Application”
  • "Biodegradable Scaffold for Dermal Substitute”
  • “High Performance Polymeric Nano Composite for Bio Medical applications”


  • ISRO
  • DBT