M.Tech in Structural & Construction Engg.

The growth in infrastructure requirements has posed a definite and critical need of qualified Structural as well as Construction Engineers. The aim of this program is to impart advanced fundamental concepts related to mechanics and dynamics of the structures. These coupled with courses related to recent developments in construction materials and technologies will impart cutting edge design methodologies and implementation strategies to students in both Sub and Superstructures of various infrastructure facilities. The course will also focus on laboratory work, industry oriented project exposure and dissertation based on research for all round development of Design & Construction Engineer.

The program’s goal is to provide students with advanced technical knowledge of evolving structural systems integrated with a solid grounding of design approaches. This program is designed for students and industry professionals seeking to advance their careers, and for academics preparing for the challenges of research and teaching. The courses are designed to establish a fine balance between academic fundamentals and industry realities and requirements.

This program will be able to find many employers from Government, private corporations, public sector undertakings, and teaching and/or research institutions in the country as well as abroad. The uniqueness of this course is the blend of exposure to strong theoretical foundation, practical design & construction approaches through adequate computational, analytical and execution skill development.

Eligibility Criteria : B.E/B.Tech Degree in Civil Engineering with minimum 60% marks or equivalent grade.